Scene Stealers-Week Ending August 9, 2014
by Joel Markowitz on August 9, 2014
Here are this week's Scene Stealers. Congrats to our honorees!

Henry Cyr as Marius Singing "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" in Les Misérables at
The Glyndon Area Players.

Henry Cyr (Marius) singing "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables." Photo by Kevin Gall.

"Another standout was Henry Cyr as Marius. While this Romeo-style character can easily become a hammy caricature, Cyr gave his role heart and depth that invited empathy and understanding to his situation. Vocally, Cyr hit it out of the park. His voice is crystalline, perfectly controlled, and fully emotive at all times. Cyr's "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" shook me more than any other song in this show, complimented by Homero Bayarena's haunting staging."-Max Johnson.


Tom Zepp Singing "Bring Him Home" in Les Misérables at Glyndon Area Players.

Tom Zepp (Jean Valjean) sings "Bring Him Home." Photo by Kevin Grall.

"Bring Him Home" is an audience favorite, so to choose it as a Scene Stealer may seem like a given. But Tom Zepp's expressive and heartfelt rendition was particularly touching  His use and control of his voice was masterful. And although most Jean Valjeans are tenors, here Zepp's beautiful Baritone rang through the theatre bringing a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience. And  when Valjean was watching over Marius and praying that he makes it safely back to Cosette, Zepp poignantly touched Marius' hair and shoulder gently. So simple, so moving, and so meaningful."-Teresa Ertel

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